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:: Qfinsoft Technology

Qfinsoft Technology Inc was established in 1998 to develop thermal Design and Optimization tools for electronic applications. Over the years Qfin became well known for the optimization of electronic systems and components using its fast system CFD solver. Now, with the release of Qfin 5.3, several additional features have been added. Geometries can now be imported directly in the form of CAD objects, meshing options have been expanded to include Tetrahedral and Hexahedral meshing and a detailed CFD solver has been added to the fast sytem CFD solver. Combined with the efficient wizard driven modules for air cooled heat sinks, heat pipes, cold plates, thermal electric coolers, heat exchangers and Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), Qfin has become a product of choice for component or system level simulations. The Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) module has been expanded to include the modelling of Thermal Electric Generators while the latest LED module allows users to create their own database of LEDs. The module still calculates the correct thermal load for any LED in the database and results include all the important parameters for the LED application. All simulations can be done with either the System CFD approach, which produces results in minutes, or the detailed CFD solver. Qfin now also has a web option and is the design tool of choice for many companies world wide.