Heat PipesHeat Pipes

What kind of problems can be solved?

Qfin is a total thermal management system that can be used to solve component-level, board-level, or system-level problems. It provides design engineers with the ability to test conceptual designs under operating conditions that might be impractical to duplicate with a physical model, and obtain data at locations that might otherwise be inaccessible for monitoring.

PCB in EnclosurePCB in Enclosure

What are the main features?

  • Very easy to use, with a multitude of step-by-step design wizards
  • Complete list of pre-defined components like heat sinks, LED and TEC.
  • Module to import CAD object and CAD assemblies.
  • User controlled LED database
  • Hexahedral and Tetrahedral Meshing.
  • Fully automatic meshing, with optional user control
  • Fans with non-linear fan curves.
  • Automatic design parameterization, using relative positioning.
  • Easy to use library system
  • Powerful yet easy to use design optimizer
  • Support for multiple fluids
  • Efficient modelling of contact resistances.
  • Radiation heat transfer and automatic view factor calculations.
  • Very fas system CFD solver producing results in minutes.
  • Efficient CFD solver.
  • Available in 3 editions, suited to different engineering needs.

Qfin is available in 3 editions:

Standard - Main Scope: All heat sink and cold plate design and optimization including heat pipes.

Advanced - Main Scope: System level design and optimization.

Full - Main Scope: System level design with detailed flow field analysis capability.

Each edition has a specific target user group and price point.

    Standard Advanced Full
Components Heat sinks Yes Yes Yes
  Heat Sources Yes Yes Yes
  Openings Yes Yes Yes
  Fans Yes Yes Yes
  Plates Yes Yes Yes
  Local Boundaries Yes Yes Yes
  Probes Yes Yes Yes
  Patterns Yes Yes Yes
  Cut-Out Yes Yes Yes
  Packages Yes Yes Yes
  Heat Pipes Yes Yes Yes
  Liquid Cold Plates No Yes Yes
  Blocks No Yes Yes
  Grills No Yes Yes
  PCB's No Yes Yes
  LED's No Yes Yes
  TEC No Yes Yes
  Heat Exchangers No Yes Yes
Fluids Incompressible Gas Yes Yes Yes
  Ideal Gas Yes Yes Yes
  Real Gas Yes Yes Yes
  Incompressible Liquids Yes Yes Yes
  Variable Liquids Yes Yes Yes
Features Parameterized Trials Yes Yes Yes
  Transient Solutions Yes Yes Yes
  Design Optimizer Yes Yes Yes
  System CFD Yes Yes Yes
  Detailed CFD No No Yes